Bitcoin is going right, Libra is going left. Meer is in between

Libra-Binance Research.pdf (341.3 KB)

  • In the medium-long term, this initiative is expected to have a significant impact on
    both local and global markets, with significant implications on the cryptoasset,
    financial, and economic landscape.
    - In the medium term:
  • Facebook has a chance to further its place as a provider of open-source
    tools for digital apps, sites, and e-commerce.
  • Libra may spark additional cryptocurrency trading volume due to increased
    accessibility from both institutional players and everyday retail users.
  • In the long term:
    - Reshaping of the payment industry: A new set of gatekeepers may emerge
    in the digital world which would threaten the existing positioning of banks as
    “payment facilitators”.
  • New offerings of financial services: New service providers may emerge,
    building innovative decentralized applications on the Libra network which
    would ultimately provide new financial services for end-users across the
  • Advancing greater freedom of money and lowering capital restrictions
    worldwide: Central banks may have a harder time preventing “capital
    flight” and maintaining monetary policies with strong capital restrictions.
  • “Un-dollarization of the world”: Should Libra see massive global adoption,
    a new unit of account for trade could emerge and hence, reduce the
    reliance on a single currency for quoting global exchange goods and services.
  • The Libra project has a chance at becoming the first “everyday” implementation of
    the ideology and theory behind the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) and other IMF /
    World Bank initiatives, manifested as a cryptocurrency targeting mass adoption by
    both institutions and individuals.

Libra is a direct global challenge to legacy system.
Bitcoin is going right, Libra is going left. Meer is in between.


Qitmeer is very smart






Excellent slogan meer is middle point

We should consider to tokenize Naira on Qitmeer blockchain, and introduce E-Naira to our Khaf wallet. If we could convince the regulation body, and has a commercial bank partner. This would act as the secure, salable. and open financial payment network to Nigeria.
A simple and excellent solution.


This is a great and very straightforward idea and let make it work


Qitmeer is the Fututre!

Tokenisation of Naira is a great idea and mostly welcome in Nigeria community. Nigerians need semi financial independent to guarantee our financial inclusion which can come in form of E-naira Khaf wallet with highly secure payment system. Central Bank of Nigeria has called for proposal on new payment system in Nigeria which will base on Blockchain…